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Technology Drives Our Workflow

The technology we use here at Bergkamp not only tells us what to do on site or at a quarry – but allows us to do with incredible precision. It also allows us to be as flexible as the weather with changes; we can make an update to the design in the office and that information gets sent to the machines in real time. No downtime, no waiting, no backtracking.

3D Modeling

We were early adopters in construction technology, and we make it a point to stay on the leading edge of what the industry has to offer. 3D allows us to exceed our own expectations of accuracy and automation, making sure we keep the big picture in mind from the very beginning.

GPS In-House Modeling

We build everything with GPS. While other companies outsource their modeling, we like to keep it all in the family. It’s why we use our collective knowledge to give our clients the best experience can offer. We know that by keeping our own overhead low we can offer better prices to our customers – and that’s very important to us.

Drone Station

We look at each project from all angles – literally. Our drones help us see each detail – and proactively course correct along the way. We take inventory quickly, safely and accurately – saving time and money at every turn. We can provide progress updates on the fly, and keep a close eye on how much dirt we’ve moved or what dirt needs to be moved. Using its accuracy and flexibility, the drone turns pictures into 3D models and proves that complete precision is possible.

Robotic Total Station

Site surveys set the tone for the project. Our robotic total station helps lay the groundwork for us to do our very best, every time. By eliminating the need for two people to operate our total station, we let the technology lead the way so we can focus on what we do best – putting the plan into action.

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