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Prioritizing safety

We strive to keep a healthy worksite, and that means keeping our employees healthy, keeping our sites clean, and beating industry standards every time.

Specialized training programs

OSHA Training

Our employees deserve to stay safe, and with our 10- and 30-hour OSHA training sessions, trainees learn how to stay safe in and out of the job site so they can keep their sites (and themselves) healthy!

First Aid and CPR Training

Many of our employees work no matter the elements, and when they’re outfitted with first aid and CPR training, every employee can work a little bit happier knowing that they’re all keeping each other safe.

Excavation Training

Excavating involves heavy machinery, steep dropoffs, and tough landscapes. Our excavation training program keeps Bergkamp Construction employees safe, aware, and knowledgeable about any possible hazards.

Mentoring Program

The best way to learn is by seeing how your colleagues do things. We never leave an employee without the proper training, and our mentoring program ensures that each new employee can learn from someone who has actually been there.

Custom Training

Many jobs require specialized skills, and we make sure all of our employees meet those requirements by allowing them to explore and learn from custom training programs designed specifically for the job at hand.

Daily Task-Specific Safety Plans

We kick off each day with a morning safety plan, so everyone knows what we’re moving. We stake out potential hazards, and explore how to avoid mishaps and injury.

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