Bob Bergkamp Construction began in the country, on the farms of Kingman, Reno, Sumner and western Sedgwick Counties in south-central Kansas. Bob carved terraces and dug ponds and built waterways for farmers seeking to conserve their soil. He started his business with a single Caterpillar D7 dozer, a machine that he taught himself to operate. He learned to make the D7 hum and, when the federal government severely cut the funding for soil conservation projects, Bob went looking for work in town. His first substantial contract: site preparation for a residential development in east Wichita.

By the mid-Seventies, Bergkamp Construction had grown to 15 employees and 25 pieces of heavy equipment, and the company was taking on a healthy combination of bid and negotiated work ó lagoons at chemical plants, roads on industrial sites, bridge headers and shoulder prep for the Kansas Department of Transportation, and some railroad work as well. In 1979, on Bobís retirement, his son-in-law Jim Snook and Rufus Komp began to take equity positions in the company, which by then was taking on larger projects ó interchanges on the Kansas Turnpike, bigger site developments, more complex industrial work, longer and longer stretches of highway. Scott Bergkamp, Bobís son, came on board full-time in 1986, and Bergkamp Construction was embarked on the road that it follows to this day.

With the companyís growth have come growing in-house capabilities. In 1995, a recycling operation came on line with the addition of a crusher; in 2002, the Bergkamp quarry opened for business. At the same time, the company frequently partners with other contractors in joint ventures on major jobs. In every case, Bergkamp Construction brings professionalism, technical expertise, substantial logistical capabilities in trucks and equipment, and bedrock integrity demonstrated across a 50-year history of service to customers.