Fort Riley Rank Range Quarry, KS
Quarried limestone for digital multi-purpose range complex on the military base of Fort Riley. Check out pictures of the project.

K 18 Highway, KS
3.5 million cubic yards of material excavated and compacted, and more. Read the jobs specs and see pictures here.

Kansas Department of Transportation
Highway 99, Elk County: 
Cut 12’ of rock to realign road to new bridge, then eradicated old road.  The rock excavation required blasting next to the existing road.
Highway US 77, Marion County: 
Moved 495,000 cubic yards of dirt and 285,000 cubic yards of rock over eight miles.
Highway US 77, Butler County: 
Moved 765,000 cubic yards of dirt over eight miles near Burns.
Highway US 77, Butler County: 
Moved 853,000 cubic yards of dirt and 165,000 cubic yards of rock over 13 miles near Douglass.

Army Corps of Engineers
Arkansas city flood protection phase II: 
Re-channel and widen Walnut River.  Excavated 1,000,000 cubic yards from the river channel, hauled material four miles up river and constructed 3 miles of new levy around Arkansas City.

Building Pads/Site Preps
Prairie Land Processors/Future Beef, Arkansas City, KS: 
Built a 220,000 square foot building pad and constructed the lagoon system to serve the beef packing plant.
Cessna C-10 Citation Service Center, Wichita, KS: 
Import 200,000 cubic yard of dirt and lime stabilization on the 485,000 SF building pad.
Wal-Mart, Arkansas City, KS: 
Moved 100,000 cubic yards of rock and dirt on site. The rock excavation entailed blasting next to the existing Wal-Mart inside the city limits of Arkansas City.
Gander Mountain, Wichita, KS: 
The site is located in downtown Wichita and had existing structures and buried rubble. We over-excavated 15’ under new building pad, screened the dirt to remove debris and replaced the dirt as engineered fill.

NCRA, McPherson, KS:
Over-excavated the site three to five feet, lime stabilized and replaced as engineered fill to support a unicracker and a sour water tank.

Environmental Reclamation
Abbot Labs Evaporation Lagoon Cap: 
Imported 80,000 cubic yards of clay to close and cap the evaporation lagoon located in Wichita, KS.

Custom Crushing/Recycle
Elk River Wind Farm, Beaumont, KS: 
Crush on site rock to produce 120,000 tons of aggregate used to construct roads.

Urban Express ways
West Kellogg Flyover, Wichita, KS: 
Removed and Recycled old pavement from existing road to produce 60,000 tons of base rock for new construction. Imported 485,000 cubic yards of select material to fill behind the retained earth walls and did all related site grading on the multiphase project that covered three miles.

Emergency Work
Emergency Sinkhole, Hutchinson, KS: 
Hauled 55,000 cubic yards to fill sink hole that was threatening railroad mainline.

Rail Road
BNSF Capacity Improvement Roland to Milan, KS: 
Constructed new main line next to existing track. Moved 650,000 cubic yards of dirt over 11 miles.